Conchi Martínez, everyday life photographer

Conchi Martínez, everyday life photographer

Trip photographing is a lifestyle; it’s all about knowing how to transmit the experiences one has through a camera and transmitting them to the viewer. Looking at photographs of places you have always dreamt of visiting is a joy of which we’ve never had enough, specially when the photographer is a professional who loves her job.


This is our look at Conchi Martínez, a recognized photographer who shows the different lifestyles of each place she visits through every snapshot, capturing the moments in a subtle and marvelous way that transports us to that place and time.

Her photographs have immortalized various landscapes, especially in Catalunya, showing how limited our eyes are when it comes to noticing incredible places around us. She sometimes uses techniques that might be called “unusual” in this world that has taken photograph as a hobby through digital cameras and smartphones.


She photographs the world in a very personal manner and has traveled to unexpected places like Mongolia, Alaska, South Africa or Vietnam, but also more common European capitals like Sicilia or Copenhagen look different through her scope. Through the eyes of Conchi Martínez, every corner, house, street and person convey tranquility and clarity.

She has even won some Spanish and international awards. We can admire her work at the collective exposition of Foto Libros (SCAN Photobooks) with her book “Diagonal-Cornellá”, which crops together images taken with her pinhole camera. It opens the 5th of February at The Folio Club (Barcelona). We definitely recommend it.


And who knows where she might end up next and what can she show us. The world is full of special corners for a photo-lover like Conchi Martínez and here in we hope it stays that way.

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